Here are some frequently asked health professional questions:

Q: How do I request a referral from a Sport Medicine Physician at MEDSPORT Ottawa?

A: Please fax your referral to 613-270-0982. We require the patient name, date of birth, health card number and contact information so that we can call the patient. Please include your billing number, telephone number and fax number.

Q: Will I be negated if my patient sees a Sport Medicine Physician at MEDSPORT Ottawa?

A: No. We have GP Focused Practice Designated physicians.

Q: Do you call the patient with an appointment or does my office have to do this?

A: We will call the patient to set up the appointment and will send you a confirmation notice.

Q: What is the wait time for an appointment?

A: Generally the wait time is within weeks of contacting the patient. If you think your patient needs more urgent assessment, please call the clinic to discuss the case with the physician or indicate URGENT clearly on the referral.

Q: What type of consults are appropriate for a Sport Medicine Physician?

A: We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions related to sport, exercise and healthy active living. We commonly treat problems related to the knee, shoulder, neck, back, ankle, and elbow, along with other regions of the body. We provide conservative treatment for acute injuries, overuse musculoskeletal conditions, and degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis. Patients that are surgical candidates will be directed to an appropriate orthopeadic surgeon or specialist. We provide concussion management and baseline testing for sport related concussions.

Q: Do you do joint and soft tissue injections?

A: Yes. We do cortisone injections for both joint and soft tissue conditions, as well as viscosupplementation of intra-articular joints.

Q: What type of consults are not appropriate for a Sport Medicine Physician?

A: We are not trained nor are we specialized in the management of chronic pain, disability determinations, and concussions that are complex and chronic in nature requiring a multi-disciplinary treatment approach.