Antoinette Ramgolam

Antoinette joined the MSO team in August 2022. She has prior experiences at a physical therapy clinic and has developed a diverse set of skills from many previous part time/full … Read more

JoAnn Morin

JoAnn joined the MSO team in Aug 2022. Her reception background is in family medicine. JoAnn enjoys being active and spending time with family andĀ friends.

Janine Sibayan

Janine joined the Medsport team in September 2020 as a student intern. Janine has been a medical receptionist from a young age, with extensive experience in urgent care, family medicine, … Read more

Lonnie Chow

Lonnie Chow joined the Medsport Ottawa team in March 2019. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she has experience as a medical receptionist in a hospital setting. When she is not … Read more

Donna Hagan

Donna Hagan joined the Medsport Ottawa team in March 2017. Donna has extensive experience as both a Clinic Receptionist and Physiotherapy Aide. As a transplant from West London, UK to … Read more