Antoinette Ramgolam

Antoinette joined the MSO team in August 2022. She has prior experiences at a physical therapy clinic and has developed a diverse set of skills from many previous part time/full … Read more

Janine Sibayan

Janine joined the Medsport team in September 2020 as a student intern. Janine has been a medical receptionist from a young age, with extensive experience in urgent care, family medicine, … Read more

Lonnie Chow

Lonnie Chow joined the Medsport Ottawa team in March 2019. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she has experience as a medical receptionist in a hospital setting. When she is not … Read more

Donna Hagan

Donna Hagan joined the Medsport Ottawa team in March 2017. Donna has extensive experience as both a Clinic Receptionist and Physiotherapy Aide. As a transplant from West London, UK to … Read more